P.A.ENERGY  provides services for upstream and downstream sector of oil and gas projects (i.e. Reservoir study, EOR Activities, Well Stimulation, Drilling Engineering, and QHSE Management consultant) on an international basis:

Drilling Engineering and Well Design

  • Drilling Fluids Services
  • Cementing Services
  • General Consultancies
  • Drilling Operation & Supervision
  • Waste Management
  • Cost Evaluation & Performance Analysis
    • Operation Cost Evaluation and Analysis
  • Training
  • QHSE Management Consultancy
  • Geophysics
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Processing
    • Gravimetry
    • Seismic Inversion
    • Seismic Interpretation
  • Field Reservoir Study
    • Preliminary Evaluation & Feasibility Studies
    • Preparation of MDP
    • Full Field Reservoir Study
  • Petroleum Data Management
    • Petrophysical Studies
    • Information Management Systems
  • Production Optimization
    • Multiphase Flow
    • Surface Facilities Design & Optimization
    • Completion Design
    • Well Testing & Analysis
    • Well Stimulation, Acidizing & Fracturing
    • Artificial Lift, Gas Lift, and ESP

P.A.ENERGY’s services include all phases of project development. Its principal efforts include Feasibility Studies, Engineering Design and Project Management. A feasibility study is a recommendation, based on engineering analysis, for the best method of complementation of an industrial project. Evaluations include capital and operational (CAPEX and OPEX) analysis, potential operational problems and probable economic return for a new venture. Such studies are recommended prior to the initiation of engineering design. Engineering design comprises all the technical data required and available for the proper purchase onsite and installation of equipment. Project management extends project design to encompass material and equipment procurement, expediting, quality control and inspection at site. It further includes assistance to the client in locating, evaluating, and selecting subcontractors, contract negotiations, on-site supervision, and operator training.

In addition, when required on specific projects, P.A.ENERGY enters collaborative agreements with other reputable Iranian or international consulting firms to supplement its capabilities and/or resources.