About Us

P.A.ENERGY Co. Ltd. was established in 2004 as a Ltd. Company. At P.A.ENERGY we are committed to provide details with a full range of services conforming to international standards and based on professional expertise, as taking into account safety, efficiency and feasibility. Our goal is to provide services which satisfy objectives of all clients and partners through delivery of quality, value and service by a team of highly motivated individuals. We are proud to inform you that P.A.E. has managed for commitment to support the industry and to participate in its development while creating a safer working space and a stronger environmental awareness.

P.A.ENERGY offers a broad scope of services in hydrocarbon industries, both onshore and offshore. Thanks to its considerable human resources in management and engineering, the company has a team of skilled engineers and experts in various disciplines having experience in different branches of oil and gas industry. P.A.ENERGY can provide its clients with extensive services in reservoir management, as well as undertaking engineering and development projects. The ultimate objective of P.A.ENERGY is promoting and facilitating greater utilization of the local resources in investment and implementation of oil and gas projects by promoting cooperation with major Iranian/foreign companies interested in oil and gas industry and offering best services to meet the requirements of petroleum industry.

Enjoying a perfect team of professional experts combined with remarkable accumulation of know-how, P.A.ENERGY provides engineering services, procurement of equipment, and QHSE management of industrial large – scale projects. P.A.ENERGY sees the implementation of the most current international standards as its overarching priority. With headquarters in Tehran, Iran, P.A.ENERGY’s staff is comprised of talented and dedicated professionals.